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Discover the people, places, and technologies that shape the oil and gas industry.


NOV Today is a podcast designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the oil and gas industry. Join host Michael Gaines as we explore the technologies and people that innovate our world.

Current Episode

Episode: #9 - We Do More: Industrial Mixing Solutions in NOV (Part 2)

Guests: Irfan Rehman, Dib Dib

Date: 9/24/18

Show Synopsis
We’re getting all mixed up in our industrial mixing technologies. Listen in as we discuss the history of our mixing products and how they play a vital role as the heart of many industrial processes.

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Episode: #8 - We Do More: Industrial Pumping Solutions in NOV (Part 1)

Guests: Vice President of Industrial Markets, Dib Dib and Director of Global Applications, Ian Horton

Date: 9/17/18

Show Synopsis
Would you be surprised to know that NOV sells products into markets outside of oil and gas? Join us as we discuss our progressing cavity pump technologies in various industrial markets.

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Episode: #7 - A Week at the RDTC - Monday (1 of 5)

Guests: Chuck Wright

Date: 8/28/18

Show Synopsis
On this episode, we talk about NOV's Research and Development Test Center (RDTC) in Navasota, Texas. Listen in to find out more about this purpose-built facility that allows us to integrate and test all of our technolgies together, and also hear from some of the people who help make it all happen.

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Episode: #6 - An Engineer's Dream House

Guests: Jon Barr, Bill Murphy, Tom Smith

Date: 5/22/18

Show Synopsis
The Fiberglass Systems facility in Plymouth, England – formerly Pipex px- has produced imaginative solutions for a broad range of industries over the last 43 years. It is here where virtually any kind of answer to customer problems can be engineered. Listen in as we kick off the first episode in a new ongoing series called Four Corners that will explore what NOV is doing around the world.

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Episode: #5 - A Global Family Story

Guests: Billie Froggatt, Mark Froggatt, Kadie Rose

Date: 3/21/18

Show Synopsis
For many at NOV, helping our communities and each other in times of need often comes as second nature. It's a part of who we are and what we do. So when you read or hear the phrase "Global Family," what does that mean to you? For some, it meant life change. Listen as two NOV employees share their experience with this powerful idea that impacts us all.

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Episode: #4 - NOV and SpaceX

Guests: Garrett Williams, Harris Allemand, Ronnie Hebert, Bernt Christian Egeland, and Eric Vasquez

Date: 2/22/18

Show Synopsis
Creative innovation and helping shape the oil and gas industry has been a large part of NOV's DNA. Now we're adding space exploration to that equation. In this episode, we travel to infinity and beyond to discover how NOV is directly involved in the space exploration industry.

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Episode: #3 - Big Data

Guests: Carl Fehres

Date: 11/7/17

Show Synopsis
Big Data. Two small words that have an enormous impact on businesses in almost every major industry. Listen in on this initial episode of our ongoing Big Data series, as we talk with NOV’s VP of Engineering Technology, Carl Fehres, and take a visit to Grant Prideco in Navasota, Texas, to begin our discussion on how different parts of our company are effectively and efficiently leveraging this powerful tool.

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Episode: #2 - Mexico

Guests: Robin MacMillan, Oscar Aguilar, Ruben Tiburcio, Hiram Carranza, Alan Frial, and Adriana Poches

Date: 7/25/17

Show Synopsis
Mexico has undertaken a major shift in the opening up of their Oil and Gas market. Join NOV Today host Michael Gaines as he travels to Mexico to learn more about this vibrant region of the world.

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Episode: #1 - Inspirational Leadership

Guests: David Reid

Date: 5/25/17

Show Synopsis
NOV’s Chief Marketing Officer David Reid sits down with host Michael Gaines to discuss NOV’s new podcast series NOV Today, inspirational leadership, and how failure can propel individuals and companies to achieve greater heights of future success.

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Episode: #0 - Hello World!

Guests: N/A

Date: 4/7/17

Show Synopsis
NOV Today is – in its simplest and most basic form – a place where we’ll come to discuss the people, ideas, and technology that make up the oil and gas industry.