Announcing the world's first integration of MPD on a deepwater drillship

Our MPD team delivered an integrated MPowerD™ control system on a deepwater drillship's Cyberbase controls, the first such installation of its kind. This step forward will not only enable the drilling contractor to offer MPD as an integrated service but will also drive improvements in efficiency and safety. Welcome to the future of MPD.

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NOVOS used by University of Texas grad students to develop drilling performance application

Our NOVOS™ reflexive drilling system is the focal point of an ongoing collaboration with the University of Texas, where students can use a software development kit to create applications that live on the process automation platform. As a founding member of the Rig Automation and Performance Improvement in Drilling program, we collaborate with the university to develop technology with commercial potential.

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Advanced motor provides downhole adjustment of the motor bend setting, driving performance improvements

The Vector™ Series 50 SelectShift™ downhole adjustable motor is our response to an industry demanding a low-cost, low-risk mechanical tool for drilling curves and laterals in shale applications. Several field trials have demonstrated the system's ability to eliminate extra trips and increase ROP throughout all sections of the well.

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